By Elena Sanitate

The second edition of EUROPEAN ROTORS has ended successfully in Cologne, Germany, following three lively days of networking, training, learning and reconnecting with clients and colleagues from the vertical aviation. More than four thousand attendees from Europe and all over the world gathered at the Messe Cologne Centre to learn more about the latest developments in rotorcraft technology and services.

It is not a secret that events like European Rotors bring together true professionals from the rotorcraft industry, showcasing their solid knowledge and experience. With so many players under the spotlight and with every aspect of the industry brought together, Aelia could not miss the opportunity to step on stage as one of the main actors who keep supporting rotors operators.

Shaking hands, sipping a coffee together and having face-to-face talks is what made Aelia strong: knowing with whom we are really concerned. In a rapid-paced world, where fast consumption is the leading trend, we want to reverse the flow and take the time. Time to meet our partners and clients, connect with operators, meet them, and understand their needs, strengths and struggles.

European Rotors has not disappointed us and was the perfect occasion to meet long-standing clients, market insurers and future partners after two years of covid restrictions.

If it is true that “80% of success in life is showing up” Aelia has reconfirmed its solid presence on the market and looks ahead to the next edition of European Rotors from 28- 30 November 2023 in Madrid.